Post 79.

Women’s day

You know you have found the Right One if you feel that you can be yourself when you are together. If you feel appreciated as you are. It is OK –constructive even, at times- to be criticised for what you do, but never for who you are.
If someone is able to find all your buttons you’re trying to hide and pushes them, then it is a mismatch. If someone condemns you for acting like you would with your buttons pushed, after they pushed them, then it is a mismatch. If someone belittles you to be the one up, then it’s a mismatch.

But if someone brings out the best in you, if you feel you can make mistakes and you’ll be forgiven, stay. Don’t look any further. If both of you can take turns at being the strong one, like stepping with your left and right foot, one after the other, so naturally, stay. Don’t look any further.

It is a very romantic idea, that this would be so black and white. So simple. It never is. Try to strengthen and improve yourself. Give, there are always people, who will be happy with you. Who are in need of at least a friendly voice. Surprise yourself.

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