Post 78.


I went for a snowy forest walk on the mountain with my best friend. He was abundantly happy, jumped around like crazy, bit the snow and sneezed, again and again.
It felt cosy, this white world. I was listening; could hear the snowflakes falling when my dog was quiet for a moment. The silence was like a giant pillow. The cold was freshening.

Invited my children & co. for a trip. There was an exhibition about archaeology in a nearby city or another one about impressionism in another city.
We took the train. The frozen landscape was flying by outside. We had hot chocolate with apple pie. Were having a great time, lots of laughter, good conversations.

The first dream was real more than twenty years ago. The latter never happened.
I can do whatever I want to. My freedom is limitless.
As long as I stay inside my head I won’t be confronted with a body that doesn’t work.


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